The E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Retreat

Do you believe in magic? Living from your Emotional Tones, you will elevate your intimacy, influence and income. Our 7-day retreat awakens your femininity, leaving you humming.  Sep. 12-18, 1 playful lunch hour together daily, 11 am Central (12 noon Eastern time)
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Add Attraction

Enhance your receptive communication skill set to magnetize any relationship.

Play for Pay

Soften up with language, banter and rehearsal to get your way.

Dream: Team

Sketch your ideal “Relationship Org Chart” with people who compliment the genius in you.

Recruit Your Players

Magnetize your allies, co-visionaries, lovers and tribe to fulfill your divine life.

Embody Your Body

Free the “soft animal of your body” to bliss and balance.

Welcome to deliberate, practical, personal growth. At last, consciousness is not just a’s a game!   Wanna play?

Your path as a woman is not parallel to any masculine roadmap.  For your brilliance to emerge, take time to lovingly explore & polish each facet and layer of your complex being...





Reveal and nurture your own success as a feminine leader in a masculine world.

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What if shifting your consciousness is easy as humming a tune or changing radio stations? It actually is!  Learn to play Emotional Tones like a harmonic scale; tickling keys of the pleasure-pain continuum, much like keys on a piano. 


Follow a step-by-step, universal bodymap to discover higher states of consciousness.  Practice the Emotional Tones to get you where you want to be: reliably, predictably, every time, in any situation or relationship.



For cooperative women who want to succeed through friendship, teamwork and enjoyment (Lose the pressure, overwork and stress)!  Any woman can learn to use these Emotional Tones to create instant harmony, influence, intimacy and income in her life.

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Is This Retreat For You?

  • You're looking for true productive partnership with a man or men 

  •  You're eager to resolve marital disharmony

  •  You feel frustrated communicating with men 

  • You want to be appreciated for your contribution at home and work

  • You yearn to awaken your sense of purpose

  • You're ready for more cooperation and respect in home and work environment

  • You're desperate to revive intimacy and your sex life

  •  You'd prefer to solve problems without arguing or fighting

  •  You're up to develop compassion, sense of humor and have more fun

  •  You're a yes to increased vitality, energy and playfulness 


Stop striving. Start connecting.

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What the Peeps Are Saying

Perla, Retreat Participant

"The retreat was warm, nurturing, thought-provoking and it provided me many insights on which I am taking action on NOW. I believe my health coaching business is going to take a different direction just by attending this retreat. Thank you, Karen!"

Tiffany, Retreat Participant

"I really enjoyed the retreat and feel grounded and focused on singing the song of my Medicine with womb healing ceremonies/retreats. Thank you for reminding us to play!"

Maddi, Retreat Participant

"I was reminded that my major fears have a common thread in my upbringing that can be best addressed when I can see them with observation vs. judgement."

Chelsea, Retreat Participant

"The retreat felt so genuine to me… I felt like I was waking up and getting ready for a party."

Anani, Retreat Participant

"My experience of E.M.B.R.A.C.E. was invaluable like gold! I love you all and hope this is only the beginning of our enlightened adventures. Thanks to you both Karen and Becca for all your hard work to make it all possible! Its a noteworthy undertaking, and full of positive results."

Jayda, Retreat Participant

"My takeaway is that it’s ok to request EXACTLY what you want without having to negotiate with whom you are making requesting. "

Jenny, Retreat Participant

"I love reading your writing and listening to you talk! You are tapped in and turned on like a lighthouse shining your beam so that we can see to find our way to flipping on our own switches, shining our beacons into the world. Feels so great!"

Leslie, Retreat Participant

"I got clearer about the natural way women and men are being and how they communicate. This understanding helps in my communication to move the ball forward to achieve a win win"

Ruth, Retreat Participant

"I took away that everything I do can be a game and thus playful. It sounds still a bit unfamiliar to me. That thoughts and projects only come into being when I voice it first and this at least for times a day!"

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I’m ready to E.M.B.R.A.C.E. my feminine joy and a life worth living...


to grow, change and become the woman who fulfills her desires in all arenas,


to do good and feel good,


to feel both love and accomplishment,


to respect myself and others,


I’m ready for my feminine version of success and LIFE WORTH LIVING!

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Hello, I'm Karen Baker.  Some folks call me Badass Fairy Godmother. Some call me Majestic.

I've been seeking adventure, looking for that feeling.  I entertained the kids in class, yet it was years before I found myself on stage.  My mentor tricked me into it and to my surprise, I was a natural entertainer.   When I'm not training, speaking, singing or otherwise amusing my audiences, I encourage women and men who have a secret, unfulfilled longing to get on stage themselves, to do so.  It's not just a high point, it's a high life!

I'm a role model, a catalyst, an entertainer and a class clown. I have been chasing the highs and lows since I left home at 18.

Some Highs

  • Graduating w/B.S. Hotel Admin. at Cornell class of ‘82
  • Living in Grand Teton and Sequoia National Parks
  • Living in Israel, speak Hebrew
  • Cross country skiing
  • My OM practice 
  • Geisha retreat in Bora Bora
  • Giving birth at 45 to Avi 
  • Ascending Mt. Whitney, 14,494’
  • Passover Seders w/extended family and love of family
  • Transforming at Landmark Education & Sage University
  • Red Chrysler Sebring ragtop
  • Singing in Pacific off Kailua
  • Mother’s Day song Avi wrote me
  • Falling for a woman 
  • Engaging w/ my body
  • My SG community

Some Lows

  • Divorcing

  •  My mother’s death

  •  Discovering family dysfunction

  •  Seeing I have hurt people 

  •  Our troubled nation

  •  Our presidential nightmare

  •  Hatred and prejudice

  •  Being isolated

  •  Mother Earth being harmed

  •  My own powerlessness

I have learned that I am human, in the ranks of all humans and it is my honor to learn and practice what gives me joy. I desire to touch and inspire others and leave a legacy of laughter, learning, growing, respecting and connecting. 
Thank you for visiting. When the timing is right, let’s grow as women by learning to create harmony with Emotional Tones. Together, let’s awaken femininity in our relationships and in our communities. 
I look forward to being with you in a warm E.M.B.R.A.C.E. 
I'm in! Save my seat!

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