How to Talk to Men-Austin (Oct. 14 & 15, 2023)

If you're anything like us, you were educated beside boys and learned to function like men.   Today, women compete, negotiate and perform like men and have the results to prove it. 

The pitfall is, this masculine lifestyle wears on a woman.  It causes burnout, stress, relationship strain and emotional issues, because inside and out, women are not built like men.  

In your 2-day "How to Talk to Men", you'll touch down softly in a feminine landscape.  You'll recapture your pleasure through touch, movement, play, vocal games, high energy partying, dance and performance.  You'll feel so happy you found an accepting group of women!

You'll switch out of "competitive mode" into divine relating.   As you relax into humor and ease, those layers of bitterness, disappointment and frustration melt away.

Ready for laughter, fun and play? "How to Talk to Men", Austin, TX, Oct. 14 & 15, 2023.

What you'll get:

  • Learn to get your way, without arguing.
  • Recapture your sense of humor and silliness.
  • Learn how you sabotage yourself when money and power are on the table (and what to do instead!)  
  • Discover what you suspected deep down about men, money, sex and power.
  • Remove shame and blame for past mistakes.
  • Spend 2 days with other curious women and make new friends.
  • Relax in beauty to soothe and enliven your senses.
  • Play a little!

HTTTM gathering times

Saturday, Oct. 14 10-10

Sunday, Oct. 15, 10-6

Optional Sisterhood and Sensuality Light Meal 6-8 pm Sunday.


What People Are Saying:

Before HTTTM I experienced my interactions with men from a mental space- overthinking, overanalyzing and a lot of joking and bantering. During HTTTM I noticed, men really do operate differently than women in how and why they verbally communicate. Since HTTTM I am continuously reminded, when I honor how they communicate, not make them wrong for it, my dynamics with men change. The more I accept their way of communicating, the more warmly they take care of me and serve me.

Cynthia O., New York

How to Talk to Men” was life changing for me for both my personal and professional life, and Karen Baker is a master teacher. The course is filled with humor and practical strategies for how to succeed in the game of life and business in a man’s world, while being your perfectly feminine self. Highly recommend!”

Melody S., New Jersey

Before HTTTM, I was experiencing a pattern of failed relationships. I didn’t know what I wanted. During HTTTM, I discovered things about myself that needed attention. I used the tools given by Karen and gained clarity on what I wanted in my life. Since HTTTM, I have met my husband and I have a successful, fulfilling relationship. I enjoyed it so much that I went a second time. I learned more with each workshop and I love meeting other wonderful women. It’s a great learning experience. Thank you Karen!

Lisa B., New York

Before HTTTM, I was experiencing frustration in my marriage and thinking of divorce. I was not able to communicate well with my husband and felt like I was always catering to his needs. I did not see how I would be able to get my needs met and stay in the relationship. During HTTTM I benefitted from Karen's unique way of getting right to the point. She listened with compassionate honesty and was able to pinpoint issues I could not see for myself. Since the course, I've enjoyed increased and open communication with my husband as well as other men in my life. We are communicating on an entirely new level, enabling us to be more fully who we are as individuals and as a couple. I am so grateful to Karen for sharing her wisdom, expertise and decades of experience for our benefit.

Lita V., Texas

After the "How to Talk to Men" seminar, I immediately started using the tools on my husband of 24 years. Our communication has vastly improved which has made our relationship even stronger. We have less quibbling and more giggling. Thank you Karen!

Regina B.

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