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"A Focused Hour" Session


Get nourished with loving attention for a whole, immersive hour of Karen's curious attention on you. What makes your heart zing? You don't get the life you deserve, you get the life you design!

I promise by the end of this call, you’ll have a cheerier view than now on your life in the coming year.  And I promise you’ll have inspiring action steps to accomplish your wild desires in the area of life that most calls out to you.  

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What People Are Saying:

Before coaching with Karen, I was confused about how to ask for what I wanted or even if it was appropriate to ask for certain things. I never considered myself someone who expected men to “know” what I was thinking. Still, I really didn’t understand what I could actually ask for. During coaching, Karen taught me that I could tell my partner exactly how I wanted to be proposed to, including going down on one knee. I was like, “What? Isn’t that unromantic? Demanding? Micro-managing?” It turned out that it wasn’t– it was exactly the type of request that my man needed to feel secure that he was doing “the right thing”. Karen showed me that it is my responsibility to ask for exactly what I want to make sure that my dreams come true. I was amazed to realize that going down on one knee to propose was something I assumed a man should “know”. Karen helped me to gather all of my thoughts and requirements for my relationship, and showed me how to unashamedly ask for what I want– in a loving, and appreciative manner. After talking about engagement for a year and two months, my partner and I still weren’t engaged, probably because he didn’t understand my requirements. After working with Karen, we were engaged in one week! Now I’m feeling more confident and empowered to ask for what I want in my relationship, using the “communicadences” and approaches that Karen taught me. I feel like I’ve been opened up to a new world of communication, powered by my femininity. Thank you, Karen.

R. Jarrett

Karen has a gift to deliver brilliant insights as a communication expert. She offers potent tools that have improved my confidence in decision making and relationship building. The distinctive language skills she teaches have prepared me for any challenging business or personal conversation. Karen has truly helped me elevate so many of my vital relationships.


Every time we do one of our sessions, I leave super happy and with good ideas of how to implement play more or things I know I need to work on. The sessions make me excited to work on those things-- to PLAY with them. Just the space that you hold, Karen, for all of us in this space that you created, is just so refreshing and reenergizing. It makes me always look for more. We always laugh so much, which I f***ing love.