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Quality of Life Coaching

Gain a clear roadmap of which areas are asking for your focused input, as well as identifying a clear destination and intention in one area of your greatest need.

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Big 6 Ceremony

In this gentle 3-hour session, you will permanently let go of stored negative emotions from the past: anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame. You will experience new presence and freedom in business, life and relating to others and yourself.

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Clarity Session

Get nourished with loving attention for a whole, immersive hour of Karen's curious attention on you. What makes your heart zing? You don't get the life you deserve, you get the life you design!

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How to Talk To Men - Austin

(November 5&6)

Are you a woman experiencing anger or resentment towards men?  We feel your pain. 

In business, the cost of conflict with men is lost sales, missed promotions, low pay, fewer perks and lack of respect.

That’s why How to Talk to Men was created.

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