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90 Days to Your Desire

Follow the infallible 6-Step Path to the fulfillment of your desire! Anything and everything you desire fits this formula. Once you claim it, it is yours, forever.

I Want This!

Date with Desire

Whether it's unraveling relationship intricacies, fueling your next project, or finding daily turn-ons, this exclusive session is a gateway to unlocking your most authentic, pleasurable, and vibrant self. Ready to explore what's truly alive for you?

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Soul-Stirring Love

Searching for an available, intelligent man and going on an actual date, without endlessly swiping, singles’ events and paying a matchmaker?

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Big 6 Ceremony

In this gentle 4-hour session, you will let go permanently of unresolved, negative emotions from the past: Anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame.

You will experience new presence, freedom and responsiveness in business and life, as well as relating to others and yourself.

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