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Hi, I'm Karen. I follow in a line of esteemed educators, disruptors and revolutionaries.


My mentors include names in the news as well as obscure monks living on remote islands. My interests range from sexuality to sales, language and the bodycraft and enlightenment to entrepreneurship.


My heart's desire is cultivating women leaders who will guide our human race to sanity, ecology and partnership with one another, Mother Earth and all living beings. 

Are you called to this vision as well? 

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How I Work with Clients

Life Worth Living Nurturary

A year-long immersion in sisterhood that completely orients your life towards pleasure, it dissolves the rust and gooeyness that gets in the way of your flow. (3-month, 6-month, and 12-month membership options available). The Nurtuary will enhance your life.

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A VIP Day with Karen

A VIP day is a custom day of decadence for you. You’ll select activities from our tempting menu of Pleasure filled Delights, like shopping for a new wardrobe, spa visit, massage, staying at an exquisite place, strip tease class, pussy ritual, or even an all-woman dinner party.

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Guest Speaking

Commonly known as the Badass Fairy Godmother, Karen will bring zest and a level of embodied pleasure that will enhance your event. Karen regularly appears on podcasts, corporate training seminars, and speaking panels. 

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Regina B / Client

"Karen has a gift to deliver brilliant insights as a communication expert. She offers potent tools that have improved my confidence in decision making and relationship building. The distinctive language skills she teaches have prepared me for any challenging business or personal conversation. Karen has truly helped me elevate so many of my vital relationships."


Simone O / Nurturary Member

"Every time we do one of our sessions, I leave super happy and with good ideas of how to implement play more or things I know I need to work on. The sessions make me excited to work on those things-- to PLAY with them. Just the space that you hold, Karen, for all of us in this space that you created, is just so refreshing and reenergizing. It makes me always look for more. We always laugh so much, which I f***ing love."

I am your Bad*ss Fairy Godmother if you desire any ONE OF THESE:

  • You're wishing to perceive and be in action toward your heart's desire.

  • You¬†fancy adding spirit, playfulness and joy to your relating with others.

  • You're leading others, even in your family, and ready to increase your income, influence and intimacy.

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Have you been working too hard?

Rocking your sales but sleeping alone?

Passed by for promotion...again?

Trapped in a sexless marriage?

Do you wonder, what's next for me?

The juicy women of our team brainstormed a gathering of like-spirited women who gather 3X weekly for 12 months in what I call The Nurtuary.  Our immersive, nurturing sisterhood promises to restore your feminine aliveness, your masculine intention and your nurturing community of girlfriends. Engaging with us, you'll begin to glow as you grow into the creatrix of your vibration and therefore your future!  As fast as you can speak your highest outcome, it is created. 

One of our members proclaimed,

"Life Worth Living Nurturary is the Instapot of transformational results."

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Jenny B / Nurturary Member

"This is for women who want to BE the change!  Karen said her job is to give us permission to do and be whatever makes us happy and truly ourselves. She is a real living human fairy godmother showing us the magic we have inside ourselves to change our lives. Anyone who ever wished even briefly for magic or for a fairy godmother should join Karen." 

  • See clearly
  • Speak clearly
  • Access your body to deliver your message 
  • Get your way by giving in
  • Access the love inside and share it
  • Receive without interference

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  • See clearly
  • Speak clearly
  • Access your body to deliver your message 
  • Get your way by giving in
  • Access the love inside and share it
  • Receive without interference

Bonnie T / Client

"Karen is a communicator-with-men genius! In one session, I learned the biggest mistake I've been making in my relationships with men. Living in a patriarchal culture, I've been programmed to let men take the lead. Yet I've often felt victimized by their aggressive nature, which put me in fight or flight mode. Karen teaches that it's up to women to "tame the savage beast," since we are the masters of communication. That breakthrough will permanently shift how I relate to men moving forward."

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