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"Life Worth Living Nurturary is the Instapot of transformational results."


The juicy women of our team brainstormed a gathering of like-spirited women who gather 3X weekly for 12 months. 

Our immersive, nurturing sisterhood promises to restore your feminine aliveness, your masculine intention and your nurturing community of girlfriends.

Engaging with us, you'll begin to glow as you grow into the creatrix of your vibration and therefore your future!  As fast as you can speak your highest outcome, it is created. 




Stephanie, Nurturary Member 

"Before I joined the Nurturary, I was convinced my marriage was over.

"I heard Karen joke that she was the “Divorce Fairy”.  I mostly hoped she would encourage me to pull the life-support on my marriage. Instead, through Karen’s wisdom and play, I found myself reinventing my marriage, breathing new life into my life, and happier and more hopeful about EVERYTHING, than I had thought possible. 

"Karen and the honest, loving sisterhood of the Life Worth Living Nurturary are empowering me to wield my own magic wand and become my very own real-life fairy godmother.

Jeanice, Nurturary Member

"Before joining LWL, I had been experiencing burnout from a long career in the masculine world of technology leadership. I desired clarity of purpose and craved finding my creative and divine spark that was dimmed. 

"After saying ‘yes’ to myself for what felt like the first time ever, I have been able to remember ‘Who I am’ when I’m in my true Essence and state of utter bliss!

"It is so enriching to be in a community of beautiful and holy women…Goddesses to be sure! Divine souls who radiate glorious light and loving support for one another! 

"My dignity is restored to that place of gratitude, curiosity and wonder for all of the possibilities that exist!! 

"Once Karen provided the structure and wisdom, and then showed us how to give ourselves permission to create fulfilling and abundant lives from a place of desire, the magic and miracles unfolded…they are everywhere! 

"Love you Karen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for showing me the way back to me!

Q: What is the LIFE WORTH LIVING Nurturary?

A: It’s a 12-month LOVE ACCELERATOR, a hybrid, evergreen coaching immersion program.

“Nurturary” means a place, space, mentality, attitude and environment in which women receive acceptance, love, solace, comfort, admiration, listening, nurturing, laughter and compassion and learn what they and their life feels like when they’re immersed in an environment of feminine love.

12 months means we meet three times every week for 46 weeks of the year (there are 6 weeks of vacation during which students can review videos, correspond on several platforms and self-study). Gatherings are Mondays at 7-8 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon-1 pm. Times are in Central U.S. time.

LOVE ACCELERATOR means no hiding from the love you are or from the love others offer you.

Hybrid means there’s group coaching and individual coaching.

Evergreen means you join any time and receive all learnings, no matter when you start.

Immersion means you’re in it, in a pool of learning, a learning system. Like a language immersion, where you rapidly develop foreign language skills, during 12 months, you develop competency creating results in every area of your life, using the learnings.

You will upgrade your skills relating with and coaching others and have a life worth living.
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Maddi, Nurturary Member

"I’m on this journey of seeing myself as others see me.

"I accepted the offer a friend made to present a workshop at her healing place with her clients on Art for Emotional Freedom. workshop for them. I said yes to it. It’s exciting to me because I didn't give myself time to overthink it. I just said yes.

"I'm feeling like I have another home here in the Nurturary.

"By upgrading my outdated declarations...there's softening on both sides [in the relationship with my son], more trust, and more communication. I've only been in the program for a month and a half. It's a very important change to me and to him."


Elina, Nurturary Member

Q: What’s the curriculum?

Book Club Session Banner

Monday: Book Club

Currently we’re reading How to Talk to Men by Mia Sage. When we finish this, we’ll explore various books of Utopian Matriarchal fiction to imagine a society in which feminine values are sacred.

Quality of Life Session Banner

Tuesday: Quality of Life

We upgrade our lives by using language as action, a magical skill. Currently we are upgrading the domain of Money. Over 12 months, we’ll upgrade every one of 14 domains. Addressing each and every domain of life to your satisfaction creates a mature you, a new and improved version of the adult woman you are. You will be nurtured, accepted and coached while you go through this process.

Spotlight Session Banner

Thursday: Spotlight

We turn the Spotlight on you to observe you, curiously and uncritically. In the Spotlight, you discover what makes you glow and what genuinely makes your life worth living. We’ll see your specific brilliance and love and admire you for it. In the audience, you’ll learn to observe and read people accurately, like an expert.

From this learning, you self-correct towards your happiness and health… no more guesswork.  You become a coach who can help others align to their happiness. 


If we had the perfect childhood, perfect teenage years, perfect teachers and parents who knew what nurturing was and had the attention to give that you craved, you would have a fearless skillset to use every day.  In the Nurturary, you will give and receive love and attention in such a way that challenges your intelligence and your spirit.  No area of your life goes unattended, nothing is brushed aside as unimportant.  With careful attention, you grow into a person competent in each area, with the support of your sisterhood.  It’s truly a nurturing sanctuary where you’re cared for and tended while learning to do the same for yourself and others.

Jenny, Nurturary Member

“What surprises me about my experience is how magical, transformative and action-oriented it is. 

I don’t have to understand everything or be perfect or achieve enlightenment before I can fall in love with life and others and the adventure of being myself. 

For the first time in my entire life I am being told to Go for it.  Whatever I want!  It’s amazing!!!”

"Karen is my fairy godmother, changing the way I talk to people in general, not just men... I'm noticing things that I haven't noticed before. Then I change my language, and then I get the outcome that I want, which is amazing."


Simone, Nurturary Member

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Leslie M, Nurturary Member

Growth has always been a motivating force for me. I like to feel and see my progress. I came to the 'Life Worth Living' Nurturary to elevate all the areas of my life, but specifically my limiting beliefs around money. I’m a high achiever, but have always looked at money as something that others determine the value I have access to, meaning, I’m not in control to manifest.

After my first one-on-one call with Karen, I realized I had never consciously thought about money as I do when working on other projects that result in success. I have no doubt that my success will be a reality when I physically and mentally cultivate a visualization. 

"I entered the program unsure how I was going to commit to its financial obligations, and was filled with doubt."

"Once I committed though, I started to visualize my needs, and ways to create the financial stability and growth important to me. Instead of being blocked by my preconceived beliefs, I walked forward with what was available to me, but had never taken action on. 

"They say the answers are usually staring you in the eye." 

"Having the support of Karen and the rest of the ladies in the LWL Nurtuary is helping me to get past my roadblocks and realize my maximum potential.  I’m excited because we only have one life, and isn’t it worth living it to its fullest potential and possibilities?  

Q:  Who created the Life Worth Living Nurturary?


A:  Karen Leba Baker

Karen, who also goes by Majestic, created the LWL Nurturary.  After 25 years of personal growth, gurus, masters, communal living and breakthrough-producing systems, she adopted a feminine approach.  Rather than forcing, shaming or pressuring people, Majestic chooses to educate, inspire and love people to their victories...and shows you how to do the same.

Majestic is mother to an 18-year-old son, Avi; holds a B.S. from Cornell University; was a gardener in Jerusalem, Israel; loves to dance, camp, hike, entertain and relate with others.  She’s a Blackbelt in NLP, a graduate of Landmark’s Curriculum for Living and Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, holds 2 degrees in Entrepreneurship from Sage University and is co-author with Mia Sage of 23 Innovations in Selling.  She has been leading communication, sales and performing workshops since 1997.

Karen champions women’s leadership, feminine intelligence and its healing qualities.  She’s determined to educate women who can lead from full emotional tanks and achieve their own highest outcomes in every area of their lives.  

Karen's mission is to develop women leaders for the home front and the global stage. 

"There's this understanding that pleasure and my own desires, what I really seek in life is of value... everything just started becoming different..."


Sahiba, Nurturary Member

"In a nutshell for me. I've been finding fun and satisfaction in just about everything I do in my life."


Jenny, Nurturary Member

"The wildest colts make the best horses."

(IF they get the right training.)


If you know you are meant for something greater, you need attention and nurturing from leaders who will cultivate your greatness.

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