Big 6 Ceremony: Banish 4EVER Old Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt & Shame

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? At the source of your frustration with your life situation right now may be stuck, unresolved emotions from your past.  Unresolved emotions live in the Unconscious Mind and prevent you from being present and effective in your life right now.

Did you know that you can get rid forever of stuck, past, negative emotions?  In this Big 6 Ceremony, you'll have 4 hours with Karen, banishing permanently the six emotions--anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame--that most commonly stop people from taking action, feeling fulfilled and living the life they desire.             

Life will be different when you clear heavy, old, stuck emotions from your body/mind.  You will find yourself free to take action, make positive decisions on your own behalf and access clarity when you need it.  When you access the learnings and wisdom from them, these emotions will vanish like a fart in a hot tub. This 4-hour ceremony will surprise you with its elegance, ease and effectiveness.

What you'll get:

  • Permanently get rid of past anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame
  • Experience new freedom in moving forward in business and life
  • Upgrade childish reactions to responsible adult responses
  • Lose the "moods" and moodiness
  • Lose the "ups and downs"
  • Access your creative thinking for new solutions and inspiration
  • Uncover new levels of responsibility and maturity
  • Lose physical symptoms of stress that are rooted in negative emotions and inaction
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Lauren J. 

"My experience with the Big Six Ceremony was life changing. Prior to the ceremony, I was unaware that our emotional processing had no regard for time, as humans define it. After the ceremony, I have more confidence in myself and my ability to process events from my life. I find now, I am able to experience a negative emotion and then “observe and respond” positively. The ceremony also facilitated the creation of my life motto “ruthlessly fierce” when making decisions for myself. " 

Steph A.

"Thank you so much for the Big 6 Ceremony. Words can't really explain something that was truly so experiential. But I believe this has made a significant impact on my ability to operate from a clean slate, where all the old negative patterns are no longer so heavily (or maybe at all?!!) ruling my daily operating system. It's only been a few days, so I am very excited to watch myself and notice changes.
Some early noticings, I feel very neutral, like the triggers and the deep veil of sadness/grief that normally is my resting place is gone. This is HUGE!!
I also feel calm, like I am the eye of the storm. I am now able to take a pause before I hyper react at things that come my way, in terms of conversations or circumstances. As an example, I just learned that my work is dealing with economic headwinds and is going to pause contributions on our 401, and also making us take a week unpaid holiday in December. Normally I would probably spend alot of time in worry and panic, wondering if I will be losing my job soon. Triggering fears around being jobless leading to homelessness, fears around being unworthy or an imposter and not being able to find another job ro replace this one. But this time it was different. I felt and expressed to others that I was grateful for what this job has given me so far, and most likely things will normalize and be fine. But also I allowed myself to be curious about what possibilities could open up for me if I was laid off. I was also able to be supportive and help calm the worry of other coworkers.
I am so grateful for you and the work you do. You are a rare gem in this mystical universe, and I feel so lucky to have found you.

Candice D.

"I had the pleasure of working with Karen on identifying the root cause of my negative emotions and freeing me from the heaviness I have been carrying around for 41 years. She was so amazing to work with and changed my life in such a short timeframe. She is truly gifted and I'm honored I had the privilege of working with her." 


"After working with Karen I feel so much lighter. We released the trapped emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame. Her gentle approach made me feel safe and cared for. I wish everyone would learn how they could let go so they can feel how I feel now. I highly recommend hiring Karen. She works fast and the results last." 

Tanya V.

"Before the Big 6, I was struggling to regulate my emotions. I felt like I was all over the place, with many ups and downs. Since the Big 6 ceremony, I've noticed that it is much easier for me to brush things off and to recognize what I am focusing on and feeling, in the moment. Karen is a badass, she walked me through the steps with much love and no judgment and gave me all the space and time that I needed to process this work. I gained so much insight and I now feel more present and able to take on my emotions in stride. Thanks, Karen." 

Resa E.

"Before the Big 6 Ceremony, I was experiencing doubt and worry about dealing with a few potentially conflictual situations. During the Ceremony, I noticed that I was receiving clarity about my own feelings and needs and I “owned” them without judgment or self-blame. Since the Ceremony, I have felt an internal shift from worrying about other’s reactions and disapproval to being much more trusting of what I know to be true for me, and expressing myself accordingly. I also have a hankering for popcorn. Thank you, Karen, for your loving and generous guidance through the Big 6 Ceremony." 

Dawn F.

"The Big 6 Ceremony...that's the bomb, girls. I slowed down and my mind relaxed and everything got easier." 

Lori S.

"After my Big 6 Ceremony I have felt lighter.
I used to feel inside myself smoldering anger and nastiness, I have not felt that.

We did the ceremony before we visited my spouse’s family. Little things that used to set me off, that didn’t happen. Instead I felt peacefulness and I could observe, without involving myself.

The Big 6 has big payoffs already, with more benefits to come."