Immerse Yourself in the Feminine to Take the Lead

What is this provocative title trying to say?

 Simply, what you may not understand about the sexes hurts you. It prevents the feelings you hunger for, the cashflow you desire and the life you know is possible.

The fairy tales you’re raised with don’t tell the full story. "Happily ever after" is an art and a craft.

If you could figure out happiness, you’d have done it by now.

Yes, I want the key to happiness!

Lisa B / New York

"Before HTTTM, I was experiencing a pattern of failed relationships. I didn’t know what I wanted. During HTTTM, I discovered things about myself that needed attention. I used the tools given by Karen and gained clarity on what I wanted in my life. Since HTTTM, I have met my husband and I have a successful, fulfilling relationship. I enjoyed it so much that I went a second time. I learned more with each workshop and I love meeting other wonderful women. It’s a great learning experience. Thank you Karen!" 

You have to let yourself relax enough to experience what’s real. We crafted the How to Talk to Men workshop for you to FEEL YOUR WAY. For what purpose? Your life of clarity, happiness and love.

Women are built for a different purpose than men. Imitating them won’t be effective in the long run, it will only make you disgruntled (or burned out, bitter, frustrated…). Knowing this gives you freedom to let go of aggressive behaviors and start the feminine actions of loving yourself.

It turns out the provocative How to Talk to Men is about you as a woman, the sisterhood of women, trust, laughter, giggling and playfulness between women. And the emotional bond we crave that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Karen Leba Baker has been leading HTTTM since 2007. As a facilitator, she is funny, irreverent, compassionate and wise, a true role model for women and men. With a light touch, Karen penetrates your survival armor to reveal you as the powerful, capable and magnetic enchantress you are and wish to become.

Yes, sign me up!

Lita V / Texas

"Before HTTTM, I was experiencing frustration in my marriage and thinking of divorce. I was not able to communicate well with my husband and felt like I was always catering to his needs. I did not see how I would be able to get my needs met and stay in the relationship. During HTTTM I benefitted from Karen's unique way of getting right to the point. She listened with compassionate honesty and was able to pinpoint issues I could not see for myself. Since the course, I've enjoyed increased and open communication with my husband as well as other men in my life. We are communicating on an entirely new level, enabling us to be more fully who we are as individuals and as a couple. I am so grateful to Karen for sharing her wisdom, expertise and decades of experience for our benefit." 

Karen's team is offering HTTTM in Austin November 5&6th, 2022. The workshop is Saturday and Sunday. For this premiere Austin event only, a special reduced tuition is offered. Regularly $888, the August tuition is $777 for the first 10 women registering, increasing to $888 thereafter. Until October 1st, deposit is $388.50 to hold your place. Registering after October 1st? Please complete the tuition in one amount.

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Melody S / New Jersey

"How to Talk to Men” was life changing for me for both my personal and professional life, and Karen Baker is a master teacher. The course is filled with humor and practical strategies for how to succeed in the game of life and business in a man’s world, while being your perfectly feminine self. Highly recommend!" 

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