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How to Talk to Men-Austin (Aug. 4-8, 2022)

It's a man's world. Women raised in the Masculine Operating System (MOS) have learned to function like men.  Educated alongside boys and raised to achieve, women today compete, negotiate and perform like men and have the results to prove it. 

The problem is, MOS wears a woman out.  MOS leads to burnout, stress, domestic discord and even overeating... because physiologically and emotionally, women are not built for sustained intensity like men are.  A system designed for men by men grants little room for values like nurturing, downtime, touch, sensuality, self-expression and play. 

In your 5-day "How to Talk to Men" seminar, you'll touch down softly and safely in an immersive, feminine landscape.  Everything you desire to feel and see is at your fingertips.

In this loving, accepting container, you'll receive the Feminine Operating System (FOS), a divine, human-centered counterpoint to MOS.  You'll dissolve layers of bitterness, disappointment and frustration, leaving you relaxed, kinder and happier.  Women who learn to play by FOS have more fun and get what they want, in a lighthearted way!  

Immersing in FOS, you'll feel layers of societal pressure fall off.  You'll align with what feels good and makes you happy, using your desire and your voice to stay fresh and vital. 

The game changes when you practice FOS in business and private life. Ready for more laughter, fun, cash flow, relaxation and playfulness?  This is the course for you.

It's your nature and your birthright, ladies.  Claim it in "How to Talk to Men", Austin, TX, August 3-8, 2022.

What you'll get:

  • Learn to get your way, without arguing.
  • Learn how you shoot yourself in the foot when money and power are on the table (and what to do instead!)  
  • Discover what your mother never told you about men, money, sex and power.
  • Remove shame and blame for past missteps and mistakes.
  • Spend 5 days in the company of other curious women and make new friends.
  • Relax in a beauty-filled scenario that soothes and enlivens your senses.
  • Stop working and play a little!

HTTTM gathering times

Thursday, Aug. 4, 7-10 pm 

Friday, Aug. 5, 12-10pm 

Saturday, Aug. 6, 12-8pm 

Monday, Aug. 8

5pm S.W.A.G. Swap  (public)

7-10pm Grads Celebrate! 

You're welcome to bring guests, girlfriends, sisters and colleagues to S.W.A.G. Swap as well as Grad Celebration Monday night.

What People Are Saying:

"Before HTTTM, I was experiencing frustration in my marriage and thinking of divorce. I was not able to communicate well with my husband and felt like I was always catering to his needs. I did not see how I would be able to get my needs met and stay in the relationship. During HTTTM I benefitted from Karen's unique way of getting right to the point. She listened with compassionate honesty and was able to pinpoint issues I could not see for myself. Since the course, I've enjoyed increased and open communication with my husband as well as other men in my life. We are communicating on an entirely new level, enabling us to be more fully who we are as individuals and as a couple. I am so grateful to Karen for sharing her wisdom, expertise and decades of experience for our benefit."

Lita V., Texas

"After the "How to Talk to Men" seminar, I immediately started using the tools on my husband of 24 years. Our communication has vastly improved which has made our relationship even stronger. We have less quibbling and more giggling. Thank you Karen!"

Regina B.

Tuition is a special introductory offer for first 10 who register at $777, thereafter tuition is $888. Until July 14 tuition may be paid in 2 installments. After July 14, tuition will be accepted in full, in one payment. All tuition is due by 2 weeks before How to Talk to Men, on July 21. Thank you for the pleasure of your business.

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Want to get the biggest bang from this course? Clarity is your most vital leadership tool. 

Spend a focused hour gaining clarity with Karen. Get clear on the outcomes you will accomplish in your life, romantic, professional, or financial, from the How to Talk to Men Course. 

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