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Come on out of the darkness!

Sep 19, 2023

As a teacher of energy, I’ve noticed that each energy has a light and shadow side.  

The shadow side is when energy is stuck. The light side is when energy is flowing. 

An example:  Guilt and passion are the same energetic.  Passion is energy moving; guilt is energy stuck.  Similarly, fear is energy stuck, while trust arrives when fear moves out. 

The only thing is, an unaware person doesn’t realize yet that s/he can act on energy to transform it and get it moving.

That unaware person is at the effect of their emotions rather than causing the emotions s/he desires to feel.

Movement of the body or breath, expression, sound, and touch are all ways to deliberately move the energy and by doing so transform your mood. 

It’s so simple.  Children do it all day long.  So do animals. 

It’s just our modern Western-educated people who store the energy and wonder why we suddenly blow up.  Or feel heavy and depressed and ingest pharmaceuticals by the handfuls. 

In this article, I've left some clues for exits out of the moody lifestyle.

There is no substitute for a live seminar to give you practice and hands-on experience of energy and its shifts.  Getting your body in a clear environment without your daily triggers can be a hell of a reset for body, mind, and spirit.

Eventually when our hormones level out, we will find ourselves less in the moods, yet why wait?  You can get good at energy management once you learn what it is. No one has to be the victim of a bad day! This is true women's empowerment.

So come on out of the darkness into the light. We will demonstrate and show you how, dozens of times over the weekend.  

Once you master the physical world, taking care of your body, car, house, tasks, it's time to move to the more challenging, invisible things of life. Energy is behind it all.   

When you can observe and shift energy, you become the mistress of your environment.  You can lead without pressure, nagging or force, because you become the force!  Like my friend Dr. Sharon Melnick says, “become the thermostat, not the thermometer.”

See you in the field of shadow and light! 


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