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You Control His Attraction - You’re the call, he’s the response

Jan 02, 2024

Ladies, when walking down a city street, have you been whistled at?

When you walk in a room, do you become aware of men’s heads turning as they watch you go by?

The same magnetic force that draws a man’s attention to you in these scenarios is at play, all the time, with every man you meet.

This article is about using that attention to enrich your life.  When you know what it is, you will accept it, rather than fear or avoid it.

So what is it?

Feminine magnetism is a force of nature that exists in every species.  The female is in the driver’s seat of her magnetism.  And it draws attention to her, whether she wants it or not.

This is because women have the magnets.  Call it sex appeal.  Men’s magazines use it all the time and so do women’s magazines!!   It sells everything.  And YOU have IT!

Some women put their magnets under cover, hiding their natural attractiveness.  They dress matronly or frumpy.  They avoid makeup or styles that flatter.

Try though you might to hide, this feminine appeal shines through.  Get used to it and learn to handle the attention so you can achieve your goals in life.

The fact we are beautiful, attractive and sexy is an asset, as surely as your sense of humor, people skills or numbers sense.  Whatever your gifts, isn’t it wise to use them?  (Of course some women hide their intelligence or downplay their skills, but it’s just cheating them from showing up as their best selves.)

So, learn to handle the attention. After all, attention is the most valuable human commodity.  Everyone wants it and what it gets for them.  Start to use the attention for your own purposes.

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