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Do You Even Need a Man?

dating pleasure Dec 12, 2023

You may be wondering, now that you earn your own living, live alone, and own a vibrator, what do I really need a man for?  This, my dear, is a wonderful, exciting and potentially cosmic question that can lead to your cosmic enlightenment.

Let's talk about our needs, wants and desires.  Needs are pretty clear, you need them to live.  Food, clothing, shelter, air, water and touch.  Did I say "touch"?  Yes, touch and that is something a man can and does and loves to, supply to you.  Men love to touch women and women love touch.  All living beings need touch, adult women are NO EXCEPTION!!  If anything, we need it more than ever before, living alone, working hard 40 plus hours a week, cooking for ourselves and doing many things by ourselves!  We need touch to feel connected to our own sensual selves, to our humanity, to relieve the pain both physical and emotional, and for many other reasons.  So that does it to begin with, about our NEED for a man.

We may want a man, for all sorts of purposes.  We like to look good on his arm.  He is strong and comforting.  We laugh together.  He buys things for us.  We want someone to love and cherish.  Men are good for all of this. Plus they are great at carrying the packages when we're shopping.  They're wonderful at thinking through things and making rational choices.  They are very protective and they open doors for us, literally and in any other way they can. They want to help us.

We all love support in our busy lives and usually, we give support more than we get it.  Men can help with that!

How about desiring a man?  For romance, sex, and hanky-panky.  For a strong partner to fulfill your dreams together.  To find out how good it can get.  To help him become the man he can be and wants to be, he’ll need your sensitive perception and guidance.  To create riches together.  To raise a family.  There are many reasons to desire a man.  Smart business women need men on the team to fulfill their big visions.  Men are wonderful team players.  They’re service-minded and such an asset when you can wind them up and point them in the right direction.

The central question you need to answer regarding "to man or not to man" is, what are your aspirations in life?  What do you desire to create for yourself?  What sort of life do you want to live?  This will help you answer the questions of having a man, needing, wanting or desiring one and WHAT FOR??

The buck stops here, girl, with you.  What do you want in life?  When you know that, you can start to imagine the team you need to fulfill it.  This will help you populate your team with players, male or female.  There are certainly things females excel at and the same goes for men, so pick your players from the pool of talent.  If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a team. And make sure that team includes men for personal, financial, romantic or any other reason that's important to you.  You get to say!


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