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How Much Money Lights You Up?

Nov 02, 2021

Are you a numbers person?  Most people I ask say “NO”.  Knowing this, you may get a bit riled up by what I’m about to tell you.


There is an amount of money that lights you up. 


Yes, an actual number that warms you, relaxes you, ignites you and sparks your drive.


Over and over, interviewing my clients, I ask them for a number.  When we get to “their” number, their shoulders drop and their faces soften.  Their breath drops deeper in their bodies.


What should you do with this information, now that you know, there’s a number for you, too!?


Haha, if you have met me, you may guess what I’ll say next.  PLAY with it!


Don’t decide.  Deciding takes the life out of things.  Just play with the numbers.  It’s Halloween season, so dress the numbers up in a costume.  Picture the numbers in your favorite scenery.  Make the numbers real and alluring for yourself, like this…


Get a pen and notepad, 8-1/2X11, so you have room to write.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and start writing.  What are you writing?  A desire list that states in your handwriting, what you desire.   It goes like this:  I desire ____________(fill in the blank.)  Repeat this for 15 minutes, getting every desire that comes to mind for yourself and others on the list.


Keep writing, don’t pick up your pen to think.  Let the desires flow, like you’re a kid in a candy store.   When 15 minutes alarm rings, stop writing and turn off the alarm.


Now, look at your list.  Put a price on each desire.  


Look at my partial desire list including prices:

  • 2 months each year in Hawaii  $12,000 
  • Airfare RT to Hawaii   $1,000
  • Culinary School for my son      $10,000
  • Home overlooking water   $450,000
  • New website   $2,300
  • Makeover     $1,000
  • Weekly facial    $100/week


The list goes on and on.  Yours will too if you let it.


When you’re done listing the prices, add them up.  This is your number.  Write it in bold color magic marker.  Say it out loud.  Write it on your mirror in lipstick.  This is your number. 


You may feel body sensations.  You may feel nervous, sweaty or excited.  This is good and natural. 

When we discover something new and out of our range, discomfort is to be expected.  But our comfort zone is nothing more than a grave and in there, there’s plenty of time to be comfortable.  Like Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.”  


You will only discover your number by quantifying, in detail, what will satisfy your life, your hunger, your dreams, goals and desires.  Many of us ask less of life than it is able to deliver!  Listing your desires stimulates your desire to fulfill them and money is such a useful way to do that! 


So when I ask “how much money lights you up?”, I’m asking “what do you want, that money can fulfill?” 


Clearly money can’t buy love.  However, going through life taking action to fulfill your desires will awaken the hormonal action that we call “love”.  So get your endocrine system pumping and light yourself up by taking Step 1, listing your desires.


Come to your senses by listing the sensual pleasures that will fulfill your life.  The feelings, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches that will have you de-LIGHTED.  That’s what LIGHTS you up!

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