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More Than What You Eat

Aug 23, 2023

Frequently people comment on my social media posts.  “You’re really out there”, they say.  Or, “It seems like you’re going for it.”

What they are getting at is, I post about sex and intimacy and my own experiences as a teacher, leader and lover.

It takes nerve to write about life from first-person experience.  Putting my life “out there” for others to inspect, comment and critique is risky.

So why do it?

I have a message and I like the attention.

To get attention, I need something worth paying attention to.   

I see the body I inhabit as an energy-unit.  Of course we take in calories in the form of food.  We also take in energy in the form of sound, touch, movement and breath.  

High quality foods turn into muscle, so dedicated bodybuilders eat alot and eat high quality.  (I know, my son Avi, turning 20 today, is one.)

Low quality foods turn into fat and sugars which cloud the bloodstream, cloud your thinking and sap your energy.

But you are more than what you eat…

Which brings me to my social media posts. 

People are commenting because THESE POSTS GET ATTENTION.  They stand out as worthy of comment.

It’s because of the energy behind them.  Activities you engage in, and the way you do them, have a frequency, a vibration.  I write about high vibration activities: sex, connection, touch, Tantra, sexuality, lovership, intimacy, altered consciousness, partying, playspaces and anything else I’m curious about even if I haven’t tried it yet..  

Other people are curious too.  And that’s why they talk to me about my social media.

Now I don’t place too much value on social media but I do like attention.  I place a lot of value on attention.

And getting the attention relies on powers of attraction.  That’s where lifestyle comes in.

I have a high energy lifestyle. I do the shit that turns me on.  If it doesn’t turn me on, I find someone that gets off on it or I find a way to do it that does turn me on.

That is the source of my attraction.  

I trust the energy.  I do my best to follow the energy.

If it takes trips to London for OM Retreats, so be it!  Ticket booked.  If it takes lighting my client up by asking her to touch her pussy or show me her tits, so be it.  The price of admission to a high energy life is my moralistic rules and straight-laced norms.  I’ve had to leave them at the door.

What turns you on?  If you’d like to explore in a chat with me, go right here, right now, RUN don’t walk:


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