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One High After Another

Dec 21, 2021
Does the thought of making a new year’s resolution put joy in your heart? 


Often, people look at resolutions like a task, and a boring one at that. Resolutions pit mind over matter to avoid an old habit or begin a new one.  

But, as a 2016 research study shows, resolutions are only somewhat effective.  To begin with, only 41% of Americans even attempted new year’s resolutions and, by year’s end, only 9% of people felt they were successful in keeping them. 

To accomplish lasting change, maybe there’s a more tempting system? 


One that:  

  • people get excited about
  • people look forward to doing  
  • lasts and carries the enthusiasm through to year’s end 
  • includes a series of interim celebrations AND
  • ends in a celebration, as well?


Here’s how a method called HIGH POINTS inspires and motivates you.


About now, mid-December, you start imagining your dreams for the upcoming year. Let yourself dream, what have you been imagining, daydreaming about, working towards and wishing could happen?  What have you been waiting for but not making happen?  Make a list. 

Need support to brainstorm your desires?  I offer a 1-hour coaching session to start you up.  Coaching kick starts your desires.  In the process, I ask you questions, you answer and I give you feedback on your most excited responses. By the end of coaching, you’ll have your 4-6 High Points for 2022!  You’ll have a clear game plan for your most exciting year.  

This coaching session is usually booked at $315.  With 2 weeks left of 2021, I’m offering it at 20% off.  You’ll get the coaching session for only $250.  And your exciting Game Plan will be yours to fulfill.  Limited coaching sessions are available only through Dec. 31.  Get yours now!  Here’s the link to register.    When will I see your name on my calendar?


Here’s a partial list of my dreams for 2022:  

  • Travel to Hawaiian islands with friends to sing, dance and play 
  • Live on a Hawaiian island for at least 1 month
  • Take a trip to Paris to explore and fall in love
  • Have a million-dollar year in my business
  • Take a trip with my son to visit culinary schools
  • Buy a home
  • Win an award
  • Have a commitment ceremony with a loved one
  • Live part of the summer in or near a National Park
  • Visit Glacier National Park
  • Take Avi to Wyoming
  • Have a marketing department in my business
  • Lead retreats in collaboration with friends in London
  • Take a retreat in a gorgeous place with other spiritual seekers
  • Perform in a show with a troupe of entertainers


  1. Now pick 4-6 of them and schedule them into your calendar.  Write them down or mark them on your Google calendar.  Note them permanently or else you have a dream, not of a plan. 
  2. Now start planning.  Get the details in writing.  Start inviting people.  Start sharing with others.

Note:  somewhere in this process, you may start disbelieving.  That sensation called butterflies may start fluttering in your stomach.  Include it as part of the excitement.

Now you have an exciting year planned.  A year of high points.  You’ve got the scheduled events in writing and you’re involving others.  You’re making it real. 


Nothing happens until YOU take action!  Forget about resolutions.  Instead, focus on your dreams.  To make dreams real, you need a plan.  Speak your dreams out loud, with a coach.  I’m committed to happy people and turned on people in 2022.  That’s why I’m inviting you to schedule your coaching session now

The new year is nearly here.  Say yes to yourself and your dreams and coach with me.  For 25 years as the Badass Fairy Godmother, I help people’s dreams come true.  Say yes to yourself and activate the power of your words spoken with excitement!

I’ll be looking for your name on my calendar.  I can’t wait to meet you on Zoom.  Imagine this time in 2022 and you’ve had THE MOST EXCITING year of your life!  I can assist you with this, you can count on me.  Just register here.


To your year of HIGH POINTS.  In 2022, it takes two.  Let me be the +1 to help you.


What’s possible for you?  I can’t wait to find out!


PS. Check out Episode 6 of A Nurtured Life for a deeper dive into this concept!



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