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Is Your Life Out of Control?

Dec 28, 2021

Do you take comfort in order and certainty?  Self-help guru Tony Robbins names among 6 human needs both variety and certainty.  Variety (or uncertainty) is the need for the unknown, for change and new stimuli.  Certainty is the assurance that we can avoid pain and gain pleasure.


As I write this final blog post of 2021, our assurance of certainty has taken a beating.  Pleasurable things we took for granted in our social lives, education, work, health and safety; all have been shaken.  In the U.S., even democracy and our 2-party system are on wobbly ground.  


Your life may be disrupted.  Christmas travel and family visits have been interrupted.  Students missed a year of in-person school.  Maybe you got addicted to work, since your work is now at home and social activities are limited. 


You may be bored, or depressed, or lonely, or isolated.  I sure have been.  Old losses may be rising to your awareness to be processed and grieved.  Mine have.  


Maybe you’re feeling low sex drive, low drive in general, lack of desire. Maybe you’re not sure what you want and wonder,  “will it feel like this forever?”


All of the above amounts to FEELING STUCK because of circumstances you cannot control. 


We ARE out of control in some areas!  There are larger forces at work than our individual effort can manage.  HOWEVER, it’s NOT TRUE that you cannot plan, make plans or fulfill dreams.


Within the low energy states mentioned above, it may seem you just can’t.  That’s false.  YOU CAN.  YES, YOU CAN.  You can plan, create, make plans, execute plans and persist with your previous plans.  Not everything manifests in an instant.  A tall oak takes months to sprout from an acorn and years to scrape the sky.


Start now with what you can do.  Make a list of the most exciting things you can think of and pick out half a dozen.  Write them in your calendar.  Half the work is scheduling it.  You’ll know if these are the right ENERGETIC actions because you’ll suddenly find your mind fulfilling the plans:  “Next I need to do this, then this,” and so on.  Where your energy goes, action flows.


Now, these are tough times.  Tough times call for BADASS action.  When you’re making your list of exciting things, NO COMPROMISE.  The tougher the times, the more exciting the plans must be.  They need to be the plans that will shake you out of any lethargy, shake the lethargy out of you and stimulate your creative drive and juices.  


Now, from a low energy state, getting your imagination unstuck can be as hard as starting a pull-lawnmower.  You pull and pull and pull and pull until finally, it catches.  It will be worth it.  If you need some help, I can kick you into gear.  (I won’t literally kick you…I’m not like that.) 


I WILL sit with you on Zoom for 60-90 minutes, in private.  We’ll EXCAVATE YOUR IMAGINATION for fun, wild-ass desires to make your 2022 WORTH LIVING.  As you discover these desires, you’ll write them in bright colors on your calendar.  By the time you’re done, you’ll have 4-6 exciting adventures and milestones, scheduled!  Your mind HAS TO GET TO WORK!  This puts YOU BACK IN CONTROL, of what you CAN control.  It takes your mind off what you can’t control and puts you at ease,  in charge of the things you can control.


Most people dream of an idea and right away, ask “how”?  That’s why dreams fall by the wayside.  The first step is to find the dream and write it down on your calendar.  Then ask several questions, selected to arouse more fiercely your desire.  When your desire is fully felt throughout all your pores, cells, organs and mind, then it’s time to ask “how”.


My invitation to you is SIGN UP for a “What’s Possible for You in 2022?” session. You’ll have your 2022 HIGH POINTS in front of you when we’re done.  It will CHARGE YOU UP to have your dreams and goals on the calendar before the year even starts!  And you’ll get into action right away, once you see: it’s really going to happen!  This session is for any gender, everyone benefits from coaching.  Must be completed before Dec. 31, only a couple of sessions remain.   It’s regularly $315 but with 2 weeks left in the year, you can have it for $250.  Here’s the link: 


If you’re female, you’re invited to our E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Retreat, an hour a day of laser Communication Cadences to polish your communication, Jan. 3-9, 2022.  Stop rubbing people the wrong way!  Smooth your rough edges at E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Retreat for Executive Women Who Lead.  You can be feminine and effective in the boardroom, as well as the bedroom.  Learn how to command respect and top dollar with your own self-respect.  Register here: and we’ll invite you to our Private Access FB Group.


We are committed to you controlling what you can and letting the rest go.  Let us show you the bones and sinews of a nurtured life.  We welcome you to the tribe.



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