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Ready, Get Set, GROW!!

Dec 14, 2021
Will anything actually change for you in 2022?


Flip your calendar to a new year...but same old stuff.  Be truthful.  It's a “new year”, but do you really think anything will change?


I hate to play Debbie Downer.  And, I value being real.


Lasting change isn’t flip the switch, or the calendar page.  Lasting change happens over time.  It’s a process.  Call it “growth”, “maturity”, “priorities” “clarity”, it happens because we seek and find.  


In your life, what are you seeking?  This year, are you willing to take it beyond “seek”, to actually “find”?




A new year’s resolution is just spoken words.  You haven’t changed the conditions.  


Imagine growing tomatoes.  Resolving “I’m going to grow tomatoes” won’t guarantee tomatoes, because you haven’t created conditions for tomatoes to grow.  Desiring change doesn’t guarantee change, unless you take action towards creating an environment in which change can happen.  

In the case of tomatoes: Make room, clear weeds, turn soil, add manure, plant seeds, etc.


What needs to change in your environment to foster the growth you desire?


First, BE DELIBERATE to make room and create conditions for growth.  There are many actions to create the conditions for your growth.


  • Talk it out.  
  • Be honest.  
  • Develop your clarity.
  • Research. 
  • Let expired programs go.
  • Acknowledge desire.
  • Follow desire.
  • Commit to a new program.
  • Invest money in yourself in an area important to you. 
  • Seek support.
  • Promise yourself.
  • Give your word to another. 
  • Seek and create accountability. 
  • Find like-spirited people and band with them.
  • Find a mentor. 
  • Invest in coaching.
  • Make yourself useful to someone you value.
  • Create teamwork.


Change happens because you prepare your environment for change. 


Counting down the days of 2021, get real in your heart:  What can be cleared to prepare for desired changes?   You CAN make this a year of actual growth in the direction of your dreams. 


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If you’re already totally satisfied with your life, extend a hand to a girlfriend by inviting her (the one who complains she wants change?)  Be an agent of change in her life. 


Your growth is counting on you in 2022.


In love,

Your Badass Fairy Godmother (just call on me)


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