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The One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself

Dec 07, 2021

Lots of us have our morning routines: brush teeth, make bed, yoga, meditate, OM, coffee: oh yeah, did I mention coffee?


Do you have a nurturing existing morning routine or practice?  Consider asking yourself this question to optimize it.  If you don’t have an energizing morning routine, and you lean towards the spontaneous, ask yourself this question to bring clarity and direction to your actions.  It will help you give your body what your body actually needs.


You may have heard me talk about the body as an energy processing unit.  Pretty sexy, huh?  It’s back in my blogpost “Your Body is a Cuisinart?” and also on my weekly show.  Let me recap.


Everything alive is alive by virtue of processing energy.  Trees take in CO2, sunshine and water to produce glucose.  Humans are constantly taking in energy from food, sleep, vitamins, movement, fresh air, sex, touch, others’ emotions and so on.  


Then releasing happens.  Trees release oxygen, thankfully so or we’d be dead.  Humans release pee, poop, sweat, emotions, gas, self-expression, tears and so much more.  What goes in, must come out.  It’s natural law.


So now that we’re agreed upon that, back to the one question you need answered for clarity when you arise in the morning.  That is:  AM I FULL OR AM I EMPTY?


Being able to ask and accurately answer this question will let you know which route you follow to nurture your body and therefore your mind. 

If you’re full, you need to empty.  If you’re empty, you need to fill up.


If you answer “I’m full”, you may feel like “I have one nerve left and you’re getting on it.”  Some actions to bring you into balance may be: Emptying your bowels; urinating; crying, writing or laughing to empty your emotional tank; writing the plan bouncing around in your think tank; running or walking or dancing to empty caloric energy, etc.


If you answer “I’m empty”, you may think, “I have nothing to give” or “I can’t” or “I’m done.”  Then, to restore balance, fill up.  Some actions to stoke your engine are eating, self-pleasuring, asking another for touch, showering, lotioning your body, listening to an audio recording or music, petting the cat or dog, etc.  


Our bodies process energy and if we are too full or too empty, we will be less effective than when we optimize our energy.  It’s your vehicle, baby.  Learn to care for and maintain your bodycraft by adding one simple question to your morning routine.  Then, trust yourself to do what works for your optimal function.


To your body!

For a deeper dive into "The One Question", watch episode 4 of A Nurtured Life below!

Karen L. Baker trains and speaks in the corporate world and in private seminars. Her focus is on developing women leaders for the home front and the global stage. As she travels and teaches, sowing seeds of harmony and prosperity between men and women, she gathers many allies along her way.  She hosts a free online retreat for Women Who Lead, The E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Method.  For a media kit, contact:  media[at]
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